Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you strive to reach the "C" zone?

Here's my inspiration from Sunday's sermon. Some people in my life could really appreciate it!

Do you ever feel like you just need motivation to get out of bed in the morning? Is your life just full of one setback after another? Or that you really couldn't handle even just one more thing on your plate right now? If this is you, you need to practice the 3 E's- Eternal, Eventual & Everyday HOPE.

Are you an optimist or a pessismist? Or maybe you consider yourself a third type- the REALIST~ You try to be positive, but really your just being realistic, right?

Instead of getting frustrated, decide to look for the Lesson in every setback. Afterall, the kingdom of God is not without setback. He never promised you an easy, problem-free life. What he did promise was to be with you the whole time, give you the strength overcome and the ability to endure your current circumstances.

Live by the three "T's" - Training, Time & Tenacity--
Think about every endeavor, every project, any part of your life, let's say your career, your marriage, your faith, anything. You always have a 'honeymoon' period. We'll call this the period of promise, the period with no baggage, no barriers. This is the A Zone.. All A Zones will turn into B Zones at some point. In the B Zone., problems arise. In all of your endeavors you can achieve the level you want, but you will have to withstand setbacks. In the time of setback, you will need those 3 T's....more training, more time, and more tenacity. If you allow time for these 3 things, you will undoubtedly overcome the setback and reach the payoff zone, the so called C Zone.. Just be sure not to take the easy rode once you hit the B zone and head for the Q Zone.- that's right, you guessed the Quit zone. If you give up when things get tough, you'll never reach the C Zone-the zone of celebration, championship, the 40th anniversary, the things that truly matter in life! If I've caught your attention and you want to know more or see a visual, see below.

Click on this link (or copy and paste it to your browser) and watch the video from about 31:00 minutes through the end of PK's teaching. You won't regret it, I promise!

Keep pressing on, have that can do spirit and prevail!